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When you use War Room, you can be assured of absolute meeting privacy as all users and their devices are authenticated before being granted access to the meeting, and all participants must be approved.


War Room is the only communication and conferencing platform that operates on a Zero Trust Architecture, using user-instantiated Zero Trust Networking (ZTN).


You don't need a pre-hardened network, special routing, or private lines to use War Room because it creates a Virtual Network Exchange on the Internet. This secure construct is only visible to authorized devices and disappears when the meeting ends.


To learn more about War Room's security features and how they differ from other conferencing platforms, and for personalized demo's please visit or click below.

What is Zero Trust?

1 / National Security Agency (NSA)

This document was developed in furtherance of NSA’s cybersecurity missions, including its responsibilities to identify and disseminate threats to National Security Systems, Department of Defense, and Defense Industrial Base information systems, and to develop and issue cybersecurity specifications and mitigations. This information may be shared broadly to reach all appropriate stakeholders. 

2 / National Institute of Stanards & Technology (NIST) 

A zero trust architecture (ZTA) uses zero trust principles to plan industrial and enterprise infrastructure and workflows. This document contains an abstract definition of zero trust architecture (ZTA) and gives general deployment models and use cases where zero trust could improve a business’s overall information technology security posture. 

3 / VirnetX - Zero Trust Network Executive Summary

Zeleration is an authorized VirnetX Service Provider and can deploy and support the VirnetX One Matrix Security Platform. The same technology we use to secure War Room can be used with business applications that you host on-premises, on virtual private servers (VPS), or entire infrastructures hosted in virtual private clouds (VPCs).

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