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Zeleration provides Information Technology Services for your business.  Our Managed Technology "software stack" speeds up implementation and reduces risk by utilizing proven systems, zero-trust security models, and industry best practices without requiring extensive in-house resources or long-term commitments.


We offer industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLA) which include options for budgets of different sizes and high levels of automated monitoring through our ZOBOT hardware and management software. We are vendor-neutral and do not have any contract locks, which keeps us working hard for you at all times. Over the past 25 years, we have become a trusted partner and strategic resource for our clients, regardless of size or industry.

How may we be of service?

Justin Higgins

Founding Partner

Image by Scott Graham

By partnering with Zeleration, businesses can offload the responsibility of managing their IT infrastructure and daily support and focus on their core operations.


Managed Service Providers (MSP) bring expertise, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, allowing businesses to benefit from the latest technologies and industry best practices without requiring extensive in-house resources.

Zero Trust Security is based on the principle of maintaining strict access controls by not trusting any user or device by default - regardless of being inside or outside the network.

War Room is the first secure video conferencing designed with Zero Trust principles. The privacy of your participants, either inside or outside your organization, is cryptographically assured.

Zero Trust War Room

Zeleration's Network Operation Center has fully integrated our managed technology services into Ubiquiti Networks and ZOBOT Monitoring Hardware. Ubiquiti Unifi OS is a true multi-application network operating system: Robust Firewall and IPS Security, Fast and Stable Networking, Integrated Camera Protection, Phone System, and Physical Access Controls in a single integrated interface.

For new customers, our automated discovery, identification, and reporting agent (ZOBOT) will show you exactly where resources are needed. We can seamlessly transition your old network or send you a preconfigured network.

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